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Spectacled Caiman

(engl: Spectacled Caiman)

On the diving board

Caimans are good swimmers and divers. When they hunt they can stay underwater for up to one hour. They close their throat with the help of special skin flaps, as well as their nose and ears.

Caring mothers

The female lays up to 40 eggs on a nest of decomposing plants. The decomposition of the nest materials creates the perfect incubation temperature. The mother guards the clutch and carries the newly hatched young in their mouth to the nearest body of water.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Brillenkaiman
Verbreitungsgebiet: Brillenkaiman
Wissenschaftl. Name Caiman crocodilus
Ordnung Crocodiles
Familie Alligators
Größe bis 2,5 m; meist unter 2 m
Gewicht bis 60 kg
Fortpflanzung 10-40 Eier in Bruthügel, nach 80-100 Tagen schlüpfen die ca. 20 cm großen Jungtiere
Verbreitung South America
Lebensraum rivers, lakes, swamp areas, ocean
Nahrung Fish, small vertebrates
Bestand regionally endangered