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European Otter

(engl: European Otter)

Water is their element

Otters mainly hunt in water. Sensitive whiskers on their muzzle help them find their prey. Otters can dive for up to eight minutes. Their webbed fingers and toes make them fast swimmers.

Where do otters live?

Otters live right on the water's edge. They mark their waterside territory, which is up to 20km long, with faeces and scent marks. They build their den on waterside embankments. The entrance is under the water’s surface. Their living quarters are located above the flood line and are complete with ventilation shafts.

Europäischer Fischotter, Foto: Joachim Ultsch
Verbreitungsgebiet: Europäischer Fischotter
Verbreitungsgebiet: Europäischer Fischotter
Wissenschaftl. Name Lutra lutra
Order Predators
Family Marten
Größe Kopf-Rumpf bis 70 cm
Gewicht bis 8 kg
Fortpflanzung eigentl. Tragzeit von 62 Tagen kann durch "Schwangerschaftspause" über 9 Monate andauern, 2-4 Jungtiere
Distribution Eurasia
Habitat waters
Nahrung Fish, Crabs, Mussel, frogs, Little rodents
Bestand regionally at high risk