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(engl: Chamaeleon)

Do chameleons adapt to the environment?

Depending on the species, chameleons have certain colour patterns that they can change quickly. The colour change, however, is mainly an expression of their physical and mental state. Their adaptation to the environment is rather insignificant.

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The chameleons eyes work independently. By lens curvature, they can measure the distance to their prey. The lens can be adjusted by 45 diopters, in humans only by 15.

Wissenschaftl. Name Chamaeleonidae
Ordnung Squamata
Familie Chameleons
Größe ♂ bis 65 cm, ♀ bis 45 cm
Gewicht ♂ bis 700g, ♀ bis 200 g
Fortpflanzung selbstständige Jungtiere schlüpfen nach 160-180 Tagen aus den Eiern
Verbreitung Madagascar
Lebensraum coastal, terrain with trees and bushes
Nahrung Insects, small vertebrates, Leaves, Fruits
Bestand not endangered