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Red River Hog

(engl: Red River Hog)

Both male and female Red River Hogs have a type of tusks. These are extended canines in their upper and lower jaw. They are particularly pronounced in males. They are used as weapons when fighting their enemies and during rival battles. They also use their tusks to mark their territory by scratching various trees.

With brush and paint

Paintbrush pigs, also known as river pigs, are among the most colourful mammals in the world.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Pinselohrschwein
Verbreitungsgebiet: Pinselohrschwein
Wissenschaftl. Name Potamochoerus porcus pictus
Ordnung Artiodactyla
Familie Suidae (Pigs)
Größe bis 70 cm
Gewicht bis 90 kg
Fortpflanzung Tragzeit ca. 120 Tage, 1-5 Jungtiere
Verbreitung West Africa
Lebensraum swamps, forest
Nahrung Grasses, aquatic plant, Roots, Fruits, Mushrooms, Carrion, Insects, small animals
Bestand endangered