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Tiergarten Nürnberg during Corona

Information for your visit

Opening times: 8 am - 7:30 pm Due to the 12th Bavarian decree for protective measures against infection of the 27th of April 2021 the following rules among others apply for visits to the Tiergarten:

  • To record contact details every visit must be preceded by an online registration. This is also true for owners of annual passes and members of the association Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg e.V.
  • All visitors must wear an FFP2 mask or a mask with at least the same standard only in the entrance area and inside of buildings. Children 5 and under are exempt. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 only need to wear a Mouth and Nose covering

Step 1 "Registration"

  1. Registration: please register here. To register you will be transfered to the NürnbergBad page. The registration is completed by buying so-called "Zero-Euro-Tickets".
  2. Login: Please register an account or login with your login details before adding to your cart.
  3. Ticket availability: At most 6,500 tickets are available every day Registrations are only possible 4 days in advance.
  4. Visiting day: First pick the day for your visit.
  5. Amount: Via the column "Anzahl" you can register several people at once.
    Note: Please remember to also register any children regardless of their age
  6. Booking: Click on "Buchen" and fill in your billing address. This is necessary despite no payment being processed.
  7. Book now: Finalise your booking. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the registration code(s).
  8. Please bring your registration code(s) along either in print or in digital form and show it to the controller at the entrance.

Register here

Step 2 "Ticket purchasing, payment procedure":

You can purchase your ticket from:

  • our online shop(a registration as described in step 1 is still necessary)
  • on location at a cash register.

Further measures:

  • The animal houses and the Bionicum are closed
  • Commented feedings and the dolphin presentations will not take place.
  • There are no hand-carts for kids.
  • The playgrounds are open following basic social distancing rules (1.5 m apart)
  • Culinary establishments will be open.
  • One entry with routing and distance marks.
  • Entrance gate with two seperate access points:
    Entry on the left for ticket holders: online tickets, season tickets, and vouchers. Please follow the green line, this will lead you directly to the ticket check at the main entrance
    Entry on the right: for the purchase of day tickets and season tickets
  • Due to the routing in the entrance area (one-way without collision traffic) it isn't possible to buy tickets for other people who are still outside or have not arrived yet.

An urgent appeal to you:
Please follow all the general social distancing and hygiene rules during your visit in the Tiergarten!

Note for season ticket owners:
Due to the closing of the Tiergarten, the validity of your season ticket will be extended for the same amount of time as the Tiergarten was closed.

If your ticket ran out while the Tiergarten was closed a partial extension will be applied.
The exact time of validity of your season ticket can be checked on location by our ticket controllers.