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Corona information

!! Due to official order, zoo nuremberg is closed from November 2nd probably until November 30th !!


Dear Zoo guests,

To prevent infection with the coronavirus, Nuremberg Zoo has taken the following precautions and hygiene measures:

* Ten square metre rule:

Due to the required 10 m² for each visitor, a maximum of 6,500 people can be in the zoo at any one time (current count).

* When the maximum number of visitors of 6,500 people is reached?

• In this case further persons may only be admitted when visitors leave the zoo again.

• However: Since the upper limit for the number of visitors allowed to stay in the zoo at the same time has been doubled from 3,250 people to 6,500 from 22 June 2020, no significant waiting times are expected.

• Nevertheless, there may be a short delay in admission at noon between 11 and 13 o'clock.

* An urgent request to you:

During your visit to the zoo, please make sure that you observe the generally applicable distancing and hygiene rules!

* The other corona measures are:

• An entrance with routing and distance markings.

• Entrance gate with two separate entrances:

Access on the left for ticket holders:

Online tickets, season tickets, vouchers and coupons. Please follow the green line. This will lead you directly to the ticket inspector at the main entrance access on the right for the purchase of day tickets and season tickets. Due to the routing in the entrance area (a one-way path without meeting people coming from the opposite direction), it is not possible to pass the entrance gate to purchase tickets for other people either, who are still outside or have not yet arrived.

• Some of the grandstands in the Dolphin Lagoon are closed.

• Commentated feeding times and dolphin presentations are dropped, but the dolphins can be seen in the lagoon all the time.

• No handcart rental.

• Events and lectures are cancelled until 31 August 2020.

• The restaurants and bars are open. The wearing of a mouth and nose protector is mandatory here.

• The wearing of a mouth and nose protector in the area of the toilet facilities is strongly recommended.

• The playgrounds, the bungee trampoline facility and the "Adler" miniature railway are open in compliance with the general regulations (keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 metres). The accompanying adults are required to avoid any crowding and to keep the children at a sufficient distance wherever possible.


* Animal houses and walk-in enclosures:

Some of our animal houses are opened but you have to observe the following:

  • You have to wear a mouth and nose protector inside the house.
  • Please observe the generally applicable distancing rules.

The following animal houses and walk-in enclosures are opened:

  • House of Natural Study and Zoo Education (including the Bionicum)
  • Ape House
  • Manatee House
  • Blue Saloon
  • Desert House
  • Children`s Zoo
  • Bearded Vulture aviary
  • Nothern Bald Ibis aviary (if construction works are finished)

The Giraffe House, the Carnivora House, the Rhinoceros House and the Tapir House remain closed because there is very little room inside these houses, but the animals can be seen in the outdoor enclosures most of the time.