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Boa Constrictor

(engl: Boa constrictor)

At home everywhere

Whether they’re at sea level, or 1,000 meters high, in the rainforest or in the semi-desert, the Boa Constrictor, along with its many subspecies and local forms, inhabits so many diverse habitats. Their distribution ranges from Mexico to Argentina.

On the hunt

Boa Constrictors are not poisonous snakes. They strangle their prey, by wrapping their muscular body around them. Their prey is not crushed, but suffocated. Every time the prey exhales, the boa pulls a little tighter, which can take up to 16 minutes and is very exhausting for the snake.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Abgottschlange
Verbreitungsgebiet: Abgottschlange
Wissenschaftl. Name Boa constrictor
Ordnung Araneae
Familie Boidae
Größe 2 - 4 m
Gewicht 60 kg
Fortpflanzung Tragzeit 6 Monate, 20-30 Jungtiere
Verbreitung Mexico to Argentina
Lebensraum areas near the water with high humidity and dense bushes
Nahrung small mammals, Birds
Bestand secured
Lebensdauer ca. 20 Jahre