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Aqua park at Tiergarten Nürnberg

The aqua park at the Tiergarten Nürnberg was revealed to the public on April 6th, 2001. Its exotic name stands for completely redesigned water landscapes offering shelter for otters, penguins, sea lions and polar bears. The modern name aqua park was chosen as the new facilities should not been mistaken for the waterscape at our two bird ponds. While penguins, sea lions and polar bears already inhabited our zoo, otters are our new entrants at the Tiergarten Nürnberg: The new marketing "ambassadors" will also promote the conservation of nature in our homeland.



Real spacious basins

Compared to the old exhibits, which had to become renovated due to their bad structural condition of buildings, the new habitats for penguins and sea lions impress with considerably bigger and deeper basins and a bigger territory above the waterline. Penguins now can swim through 240 m² water, in basins with a maximum depth up to 3.5 m and sea lions can swim in 840 m²-basins, that have the same depth. Altogether, the penguins now supply of a water volume of 560,000 litres, the sea lions even 2,300,000 litres. Outside water, their territory on the surface has also been enormously extended on 300 and 500 m², each. Now those to exhibits belong to the most spacious ones all over Europe.



Explained Feedings

Both penguins and sea lions can be kept in large groups and retire from the audience whenever they want, due to the vast extent of the facilities. To give visitors a better understanding of the animals and their biology, we are offering explained feedings (feeding times). That means: Zookeepers inform on the animals´ way of life and - if possible while they are working - our staff is ready for you to answer your questions.



Underwater viewing

The new exhibit´s biggest advantage is the newly-created opportunity of achieving insights under water through a huge glass wall. So the audience can watch these extremely elegant animals swimming and plunging. For example, they could watch penguins floating on the water like corks due to an integrated air cushion, as with their bodies at rest, feathers enclose air bubbles. While seals just might descend to the ground. Both species move forward unter water just with their front extremities. That makes i.e. the penguins look like "flying" in the water.



New at the zoo: the otter


With another new entry at our zoo - the European otters - the Tiergarten Nürnberg wants to point out a species that has widely vanished. Only a small remaining stock was able to survive in the Bavarian Forest. Meanwhile, the population has increased on 30 to 50 animals during the last few years. In the region of the Eger river, situated between Czech Republic and Bavaria, a few otters have returned from the Czech to the Bavarian side. Still, a decline in fish the otter mainly depends on for food, caused by small power plants and acidification of water, poses the strongest danger to the otters. So in future times, an average person will probably just have a chance to watch these lively residents of little creeks at the zoo.

The enclosures for beavers and otters with their almost 200 m² water capacity and a 300 m² territory on the surface each, are also designed very comfortable. The basins´ panoramic glass walls also offer the audience the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful underwater insight.


New polar bear plant

The design of the polar bear plant completed in 2004, comprises the redevelopement of the old plant by enabling visitors a spectacular underwater viewing on one hand. On the other side, there is an extented enclosure built within the original rocky surface, which was provided by nature. Altogether, the ground floor ot the polar bear plant had almost been tripled and is now offering the polar bears 1,700 m² of land and a 600 m² expanse of water. The new compartment for bear mothers and their cubs now supplies of a ground covered with150 m² of gravel and pebbles. Furthermore, the second encounter was decorated with 900 m² of natural soil, consisting of gras and sand. Not to forget: a waterfall and a naturalistic creek.



Thanks for your support!

With great appreciation, we thank all the individuals, foundations and organizations for insuring our zoo. The Tiergarten Nürnberg owes all those great enclosures and buildings to the Municipal government as responsible body, due to accrued reserves, the registered society "Verein der Tiergartenfreunde e.V." and additional benefits from the "Bayerische Landesstiftung"-foundation. Without their generous help and financial support, we could not have made it! Thank you very much!