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Dolphin lagoon and manatees´ house

In the summer of 2011, there was completed a dolphin lagoon at the Tiergarten Nürnberg to enlarge the old dolphinarium for its see lions and dolphins. This was the first outdoor bassin for dolphins all over Germany. For its inhabitants, it was the very first time to experience real-life conditions they never had before - like rain and other wheather adventures. Furthermore, the new extension provided more space for dolphin therapy.

The manatee house, built like an original jungle, is not only the home of its eponyms - the manatees, also known as sea cows - but also of many other residents of the jungle.




The first steps on the construction site were made in September 2008 on a 23,000 m² area in the zoo´s southern area. The building was officially assigned to the Tiergarten Nürnberg on July 28th, 2011. The total costs for the large-scale project were 24 million euros. The project was sponsored by means of a foundation like the "Bayerische Landesstiftung", the encorporated society "Verein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg e.V.", the friend´s association "DelphinLagune e.V.", and the "Cortal Consors"-bank.