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28° in Nuremburg


Café Restaurant “Waldschaenke” in the zoo

Franconian restaurant with idyllic beer garden, traditional and mediterranean cuisine; excellent for romantic family celebrations or company parties. The “Waldschaenke” is open all year-round.

Telephone number: 0911 - 543 01 20
Proprietors: Helga and Peter Noventa

Kiosk next to the petting zoo

Spacious playground within earshot and sight, childcare room, handicapped accessible restroom.

Phone number: 0911 - 5454893
Proprietors: Grüne Oase Tiergarten GmbH & Co. KG



Pavilion “zum Haubentaucher”; kiosk at the zoo entrance

- souvenirs, stuffed animals
- postcards
- snacks and beverages, popcorn, ice cream
- t-shirts and pullovers

Proprietors: Family Wehenkel

Snack bar “Am Delphinarium”

- Huge range of choice fitting every taste
- Local freshly ground sausages and meat
- Fresh pan-fried dishes
- Home-made cakes and tarts
- Group service

Telephone number: 0911 - 546 05 53
Proprietors: Family Soellheim