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The zoo education centre

Since 1986 Tiergarten Nürnberg has a zoo education centre. It is intended to promote the Tiergarten as outside-the-classroom experience and to fulfil its educational objectives.

Education at the Tiergarten of high educational value. The direct encounter with domestic and exotic animals allows for multisensoric experience; joint observations and research  convey valuable insight and experience and furthermore assists social behaviour.

Zoo education can be used interdisciplinary and enables insights into the interlacing of ecological systems. Students of all ages can use the Tiergarten as "green classroom" - conservation of nature and species, however, are an essential part of adult education as well.

What we offer you to...

  • ... tutoring for teachers, pupils and students
  •  ... organize zoo visits with school groups and other groups
  •  ... provide zoo-related educational material
  •  ... provide rooms at the natural history centre (for preparation and wrap-up of zoo education)
  •  ... show exhibitions and natural history lectures

Zoo rally

Questionnaire for primary school

Questionnaire for children and teenagers

Solutions for primary school pupils

Solutions for children and teenagers


Zoo educator Barbara Reinhard
Zoo educator Christian Dienemann

Office hours:

Monday. 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
and by agreement
Phone: +49 (911) 5454-830
Phone: +49 (911) 5454-836


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Zoo education fees

School groups: 2.00 EUR per pupil, 30.00 EUR minimum charge
Kindergartens: 2.00 EUR per child, 20.00 EUR minimum charge