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Refuge for endangered animals

For many endangerd animals zoological gardens have become the last sanctuary. Animals like bisons, Przewalski´s horses or oryxes would not exist any more, if zoological gardens would not have tried to rescue them. Bisons and Arabian oryxes have already successfully been repopulated in the wild. So far, the Przewalski´s horse-project is also working out successfully. These and other species could only survive in a protected substitute environment called zoo, where their stock was safeguarded by elaborate breeding programmes.



Conservation strategies

Meanwhile, conservation of animals and their natural habitats is one of the most urgent tasks of zoological gardens all around the world. But not only exotic animals like tapirs or elephants do need our help. Also indigenes like storks or ibexes. The Tiergarten Nürnberg makes another contribution to a regional conservation of nature by preserving the diversity of its wildlife habitats. That is why the zoo has been designated as an EU-conservation area, according to the guidelines of EU-Habitats Directive. In addition, the Tiergarten Nürnberg is operating a rescue station for injured animals. There, animals like storks, birds of prey and bats are cockered up by experienced zookeepers and will be set free again after their recovery.

Yaqu Pacha

The Tiergarten Nürnberg supports as well organisations that stand up for the protection of threatened species. For example an organisation like Yaqu Pacha, which was founded in the Nuremberg zoo in 1992, to protect marine mammals in South America and helping preserve their wildlife habitats.

Since 2001, Tiergarten Nürnberg is as well a partner zoo of the "Stiftung Artenschutz"-Foundation, which takes care of extremely threatened free-living species in various projects all over the world in accordance with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Marine Stewardship Council