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European Beaver

(engl: European Beaver)

Builder of the animal kingdom

Beavers live in so-called residential castles. These self-built, dome-shaped dwellings are located in the immediate vicinity of water. To protect them against land predators, beavers build dams to ensure their entrances are always underwater.

Diving talent

Their front paws are gripping hands. They have webbed hind feet. Their flat tail serves as a driver, control and is used as an alarm signal on the water. Beavers can close their ears and nose while swimming and they can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes.

Europäischer Biber, Foto: Eduard Zopf
Wissenschaftl. Name Castor fiber
Ordnung Rodents
Familie Beaver
Größe Kopf-Rumpf bis 100 cm
Gewicht bis 30 kg
Fortpflanzung Tragzeit ca. 100 Tage, 1-5 Junge
Verbreitung Eurasia
Lebensraum waters
Nahrung aquatic plant, Shore plants, Bark, Corn, Beets
Bestand no longer endangered after resettlement projects