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Sea lions and manatees have new home

The manatees and the sea lions at the Tiergarten Nürnberg have a new home. While the raft of eight sea lions was brought from the old dolphinarium to the new dolphin lagoon as early as on the evening of Monday, 11 July 2011, the three manatees moved to their new manatee house on Tuesday morning, 12 July 2011.  

Both transports were made speedily. Later that evening, the sea lions took to exploring their new basin after a short stay at the "kids' basin" in a very relaxed manner. At the moment, six young sea lion females - Ella, Tiffy, Soda, Foster, Hazel and Blue - and two young males - Salomon and Scott - populate the dolphin lagoon. After reaching sexual maturity, Salomon will probably adopt the role of the boss of the group of seals at the Aqua Park next year.  

The three manatees - Mara, Zorro and Herbert - slowly went about their new home. They calmly had a look-around their new basin which is surrounded by a rank, tropical plethora of plants. The three manatees reacted totally laid-back to their new cohabitants - Pearl Cichlids, Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps and pacu fish. 

Note for the media: The pictures show the sea lions in their new enclosure in the dolphin lagoon and the manatees (sea cows) during transport (pictures: Christine Dierenbach/City of Nuremberg and Helmut Mägdefrau/Tiergarten Nürnberg - the exact names can be found in the respective picture's denomination.)  

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Dr. Nicola A. Mögel
Press relations officer           

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