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Plan an exlusive event at our Blue Salon

Experience the intimate ambience our Blue Salon, celebrating/dining eye-to-eye with animals

Experience our fascinating underwater world as an outrageous place for your individual event. Either for small groups or a big party with numerous guests - our Blue Salon is always the perfect frame for your event. Its ambience for corporate events, business meetings, private partys, weddings or any other occasion will make your event an extraordinary happening you will never forget. We offer you the perfect venue for your event, just customized to meet your group´s needs and interests.

Special attraction for your guests: Eye-to-eye with gracefully swimming sea cows

If you want to add a very special entertainment to your celebration, invite your guests or clients to a spectacular presentation: Take them to an expedition through the rain forests of the Manatees´ house or a late night stroll through the Tiergarten Nürnberg. Our dolphin trainers and professional zoo guides will be pleased to answer any of your guest´s questions on our waterworld and its creatures, as well as on the wonders of marine and terrestrial wildlife. By the way - how about a curtain of thousands of glittering bubbles behind a huge panoramic glass wall in our Blue Salon? Let your imagination run wild while we will do our very best to meet your expectations.

Your big night

Depending on the number of guests and the special occasion, we can vary the number of tables and chairs in the Blue Salon up to your individual requirements. Kindly note if you plan a cocktail reception, a maximum number of 375 guests is permitted at the salon. If you wish a banquet, we are able to host 300 guests. But with respect to regular daytime visitors, in the Blue Salon catering service can be provided just in the evenings.

April - September: From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am
October - March: From 6:00 pm until midnight

Our technical equipment available for you: a little stage, beamers and screens and DVD players. It is possible to transmit underwater sounds from the basins, or offering a light show not only in the salon, but also in the water basins, too. We can also supply technical facilities to perform music concerts. But with respect to our wild animals, the sound level has to be coordinated with zoo´s administration in advance.

Our zoo´s restaurant and catering business Noventa GmbH will assist you in any way and take care for a perfect celebration at the Tiergarten Nürnberg.

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