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Yellow Mongoose

(engl: Yellow mongoose)

Summer red and winter pale

The Yellow Mongoose’s coat colour varies: in the southern distribution area they have a reddish-yellow coat, in northern South Africa a more yellow-gray colour. Some animals summer and winter coats also change colours. During the summer, they have a reddish coat, which fades significantly in winter.

House mate

The diurnal Yellow Mongoose stay in their burrows at night. They use old burrows from other animals, like ground squirrels and spring bunnies. Or, together with their relatives, they move in with meerkats to form a little community.

uchsmanguste, Foto: Tom Burger
uchsmanguste, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Fuchsmanguste
Verbreitungsgebiet: Fuchsmanguste
Scientific Surname Cynictis penicillata
Order Predators
Family Herpestidae
Size 35 cm
Weight 500 – 800 gr
Reproduction gestation period 61 days, 1-3 subadult
Distribution South Africa
Habitat savannah, semi-desert
Food Insects, Little rodents, Birds, Eggs
Livestock not endangered