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Polar bear cups at the Tiergarten are now seven weeks old

The two little polar bears at the Tiergarten on the City of Nuremberg are in good health. The cups, which were born on 2 December 2010, have just turned seven weeks. As far as can be seen on the video recordings, the two siblings develop perfectly normal. Polar bear mother Vera reliably cares for her cups. She continues to be very calm and relaxed.

When comparing the development of the two polar bear cubs with pictures of Nuremberg's famous polar bear Flocke, the young bears' weight should be at around 4.5 kilograms. Some time these days they should be teething with their first incisors and they are learning to stand properly.

At the moment the cubs are hardly visible on the recordings since they have been staying in a corner of the birth cave, which is not covered by the camera, for several days. However, they can be heard very well on the recordings.

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