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Rock Partridge

(engl: Rock Partridge)

Parental Leave

Often, Rock Partridge’s have two eggs per year. The cocks take over the incubation of the first and the hens the second. Some hens breed very reliably, others lay their eggs in different places and do not breed at all.

Wonder Chicken

Rock Partridge’s are skillful climbers, fast and competent flyers, and only perch in trees in an emergency. They are considered wise and defensive animals. In Ancient Greece these qualities earned them the reputation of being able to protect against evil spells.

Alpensteinhuhn, Foto: Tom Burger
Alpensteinhuhn, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Alpensteinhuhn
Verbreitungsgebiet: Alpensteinhuhn
Scientific Surname Alectoris graeca
Order Chicken birds
Family Phasianidae
Size 33-37 cm
Weight 350-490 g
Reproduction breeding period 26 days, 12-15 eggs
Distribution Alps, Italy, Greece, Turkey
Habitat sunny, rocky slopes, above the tree line
Food Seeds, Insects
Livestock secured
Lifespan 8 Years