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Pallas‘s Long-tongued Bat

(engl: Pallas‘s Long-tongued Bat)

Hummingbirds of the night

The flowers of certain plants have evolved over the years and their pollination has adapted specifically for these bats. This reciprocal species evolution is called co-evolution. The big bat flowers open at night and can be easily found by the animals as the sweet nectar oozes out of the plants.

Playing with light

Flowers are difficult to detect by echolocation. The bats search for their food by using their attraction to ultraviolet light. These flowers glow at night so they can be found by the colour-blind bats.

Blütenfledermaus, Bild: Kristin Schmidt
Verbreitungsgebiet: Bluetenfledermaus
Verbreitungsgebiet: Bluetenfledermaus
Wissenschaftl. Name Glossophaga soricina
Ordnung Chiroptera
Familie Phyllostomidae
Größe bis 6 cm, Flügelspannweite bis 20 cm
Gewicht 8-12 g
Fortpflanzung Tragzeit 110 Tage, 1-2 Jungtiere pro Jahr
Verbreitung South America, Central America
Lebensraum rainforest, rainforest to cactus steppe
Nahrung Fruits, flowers nectar, pollen, also insects
Bestand secured
Lebensdauer ca. 10 Jahre