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Chilean Degu

(engl: Chilean Degu)

Head Honcho

Like the Guinea Pig and Chinchilla, the Chilean Degu also comes from South America. Degus are active during the day and love to climb. They dig underground burrows and build small lookout mounds at the entrance. Sitting on these mounds, they display their position within their groups hierarchy.

Forbidden fruit

Degus can easily develop diabetes and therefore should not consume sugar, which means not eating fruit. Additionally, they must not be held by their tails, as the tail skin, similar to some lizards, is easily torn off.

Degu, Foto: Holger Fuchs
Verbreitungsgebiet: Degu
Verbreitungsgebiet: Degu
Wissenschaftl. Name Octodon degus (Haustierrasse)
Ordnung Rodents
Familie Octodontidae
Größe Kopf bis Schwanzspitze bis zu 26 cm
Gewicht 250-350 g
Fortpflanzung 1-8 Jungtiere, Tragzeit 3 Monate
Verbreitung Chile
Lebensraum damp steppe
Nahrung Wurzelknollen, Grasses, Seed
Bestand secured