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(engl: Meerkat)

A social bunch

Meerkats are social animals living within sophisticated social colonies. They live in family clans, which consist of a dominant couple and their offspring. Sometimes several families come together to form a larger colony. These small burrowing animals mostly live in the savannah. Their underground burrows are used as a refuge from predators and for sleeping.

Always on guard

Contrary to the motto "Hakuna matata" from the movie "The Lion King", which means "no worries", meerkats are always on guard. While some of the colony digs for food ("foraging"), the remaining animals take position and guard the mob.

Erdmännchen, Foto: Tom Burger
Erdmännchen, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Erdmännchen
Verbreitungsgebiet: Erdmännchen
Scientific Surname Suricata suricatta
Order Predators
Family Herpestidae
Size 24,5 – 29 cm
Weight 700 – 750 g
Reproduction gestation period 77 days, 1-4 subadults
Distribution South Africa
Habitat savannah, semi-desert
Food Fruits , vorwiegend Kleintiere
Livestock not endangered
Lifespan bis zu 14 Jahre