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Fishing cat

(engl: Fishing cat)

Water lover

Unlike most other cats, the Fishing Cat is anything but water-shy. They are excellent swimmers and skillful fishermen. Fishing Cats lurk on the riverbank for their prey and beat them with their claws out of the water. As a special adaptation, they even have webbed paws.

Quite defensive!

If cornered, they can even defend themselves against adult dogs. They also kill mammals up to the size of a lamb on land! They are twice as big as a domestic cat.




Fischkatze, Foto: Tom Burger
Fischkatze, Foto: Tom Burger
Scientific Surname Prionailurus viverrinus
Order Predators
Family Felidae
Size head till trunk till 85 cm
Weight 8-15 kg
Reproduction gestation period 63-70 days, 1-4 subadults
Distribution India to Southeast Asia
Habitat wetlands , am Wasser
Food Fish, Crabs, frogs, snails, Insects, small mammals, Birds
Livestock highly endangered