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Grey Heron

(engl: Grey Heron)

Prey on a spear 

Grey Herons wait ashore motionless or in shallow water for prey. They are characterised by their s-shaped curved neck. If a fish comes close enough, the heron leaps forward with their neck outstretched. They spear their prey with their long beak. This type of fishing is known as "spearfishing". 

Powdered plumage 

Herons have powder down feathers. When rubbed, the dunes fray and produce large amounts of a nourishing powder. As a result, the plumage is greased.   

Verbreitungsgebiet: Graureiher
Verbreitungsgebiet: Graureiher
Wissenschaftl. Name Ardea cinerea
Ordnung Wader
Familie Ardeidae
Größe bis 105 cm
Gewicht bis 2,5 kg
Fortpflanzung 3-7 Eier, Brutdauer 26 Tage
Verbreitung Eurasia, Africa
Lebensraum swamps, waters
Nahrung Fish, small vertebrates, Insects
Bestand not endangered