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Southern Screamer

(engl: Southern Screamer)

Sharp, watch out! 

Like all screamers, the Southern Screamer has an extremely dangerous weapon. Each wing has two long, bony spurs. They are similar to a dagger and are razor-sharp. They use them to defend themselves against enemies and in fights. 

Sinking in the ground? No thanks! 

Southern Screamers have adapted well to their swampy habitat. Their legs are long and strong. Their really long toes are only partially webbed. They use them to distribute weight evenly and protect themselves from sinking.

Halsband-Wehrvogel (Tschaja), Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Halsband-Wehrvogel (Tschaja), Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Verbreitungsgebiet: Halsband-Wehrvogel (Tschaja)
Verbreitungsgebiet: Halsband-Wehrvogel (Tschaja)
Scientific Surname Chauna cristata
Order Geese Birds
Family Anhimidae
Size 95 cm
Weight male: 4,5 kg, female: 3,5 kg
Reproduction breeding period: 46 days, 2-6 eggs
Distribution South America
Habitat swamp areas, waters in the savannah
Food grains, Leaves, little insects
Livestock secured