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(engl: Rabbit)

Little hares?

There are nearly 100 breeds of rabbits. Rabbits are closely related to hares, but do not mate with them. Hares are never kept as pets. In contrast to hares, rabbits are born naked and blind and open their eyes after about a week. They are known to be nest dwellers.

Like the wild ones

Rabbits don’t tolerate heat well. Even wild rabbits go into their underground warrens during the heat of the day. Because they live in large colonies in the wild, rabbits only feel comfortable when they are kept together in groups of two or more.

Kaninchen, Foto: Zsuzsanna Helgeth
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kaninchen
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kaninchen
Wissenschaftl. Name Oryctolagus cuniculus (Haustierrasse)
Ordnung Lagomorphs
Familie Rabbits
Größe Wildtiere bis zu 50 cm, Haustiere bis zu 80 cm
Gewicht Wildtiere bis zu 3 kg, Haustiere bis zu 8 kg
Fortpflanzung Tragzeit 29-31 Tage, 3,7 Jungtiere
Verbreitung Spain
Lebensraum dry and not too warm areas
Nahrung Grasses, Leaves, Herbs, Branches
Bestand secured