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Red-crested Pochard

(engl: Red-crested Pochard)

Unique colour choice 

The Red-crested Pochard is the only diving duck with a red beak and red feet. Male animals can be recognised by their red head. 

An egg seldom comes alone? 

Females often lay their eggs in a common nest. Sometimes the nest is so overcrowded that the eggs cannot be incubated.

Kolbenente: Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Kolbenente: Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kolbenente
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kolbenente
Scientific Surname Netta rufina
Order Geese Birds
Family Anatidae
Size 45-55 cm
Weight 800-1500 g
Reproduction breeding period: 4 weeks, 8-12 eggs
Distribution Europe
Habitat lakes, lagoons
Food aquatic plant, Seaweeds
Livestock rare