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Frill-necked Lizard

(engl: Frill-necked Lizard)

What to do when in danger? 

The Frill-necked Lizard is named after the large, wrinkled flap of skin on its neck, which usually rests on the body. When in danger, this unfolds into an imposing collar which is up to 35cm in diameter. The erected frill makes the lizard appear larger and is intended to scare off enemies. But it also serves to regulate body heat and courtship.


If their open collar doesn’t scare off an attacker, the lizard stands on its powerful hind legs and runs away.

Kragenechse, Foto: Tom Burger
Kragenechse, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kragenechse
Verbreitungsgebiet: Kragenechse
Scientific Surname Chlamydosaurus knigii
Order Squamata
Family Agamas
Size 80 cm
Weight 500 g
Reproduction after 3 month subadults hatch out
Distribution Neuguinea, Australia
Habitat dry forests, tree savannas
Food Insects, small mammals, Eggs
Livestock secured