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Dalmatian Pelican

(engl: Dalmatian Pelican)

Rowing champions 

The Dalmatian Pelican has four forward-facing webbed toes. Their oar-like feet make these birds excellent at floating.

Chaotic nursery 

The pelicans are social creatures and breed in large colonies. These soil-breeding species nest close to each other. Since the nests are only shallow hollows, the eggs often roll from one nest to the other. When nesting season is over, the young gather together in groups. Initially, the offspring are fed with pre-digested fish from the mouths of their parents.

Krauskopfpelikan, Foto: Tom Burger
Krauskopfpelikan, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Krauskopf-Pelikan
Verbreitungsgebiet: Krauskopf-Pelikan
Scientific Surname Pelecanus crispus
Order Suliformes
Family Pelecanus
Size 190 cm
Weight 12 kg
Reproduction breeding period: 35 days, 2-3 eggs
Distribution Southeast Europe, Asia
Habitat ocean, waters
Food Fish
Livestock endangered