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(engl: Spoonbill)

With the spoon to catch prey

With the help of its spoon-like formed beak, the food is sieved from the mud. For this purpose the bird wades through the shallow water. The beak is constantly swung back and forth under the water-surface on that occasion.

Mirror, mirror at the wall ...

At the incubation, the Löffler make themselves especially pretty. The brood-dress is pure white and shows a yellowish coloring on the breast. Besides, a type mop of hair from extended feathers is at the rear-head.

Löffler, Foto: Tom Burger
Löffler, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Löffler
Verbreitungsgebiet: Löffler
Scientific Surname Platalea leucorodia
Order Wader
Family Threskiornithidae
Size till 100 cm
Weight till 2 kg
Reproduction breeding period: 23 days, 3-6 eggs
Distribution Europe, Asia, North Africa , Europe, Asia, Northafrica
Habitat coastal, waters , Coasts, great Inland waters
Food small aquatic animals , small Wateranimals
Livestock endangered