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Eurasian Lynx

(engl: Eurasian lynx)

Shy "paintbrush ears"

The lynx, along with the wolf and bear, are the three largest predators in the animal kingdom. With populations destroyed by humans, they disappeared from our forests about 200 years ago, but now they are making a comeback.

They have short tails and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears. Lynx prefer to live in dense forest, the females occupy about 100 km2, the males claim about three to five times more territory.

Eurasischer Luchs, Foto: Tom Burger
Eurasischer Luchs, Foto: Tom Burger
© Peter Dollinger, www.zootier-lexikon.org
Scientific Surname Lynx lynx
Order Predators
Family Felidae
Size shoulder height 60-70 cm
Weight 20-25 kg
Reproduction gestation period 68-74 days, 1-4 subadults
Distribution Europe, Northeast Asia
Habitat forest areas , offene Landschaften und menschliche Siedlungen nur temporär
Food Small ungulates, small mammals, Birds