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Madagascar day gecko

(engl: Madagassian Day Gecko)

Gluing without glue 

Geckos are truly climbing pros. Their toes have so-called adhesive lamellae, which are comprised of microscopic hair structures. With their help, geckos can reach even the finest surface irregularities and move, even on seemingly smooth surfaces, e.g. they can walk on glass.

Looking at the world with eyes wide open  

Most geckos cannot close their eyes. They have immobile, transparent eyelids. These act as a protective layer to the eye and are shed during regular molting. The animals use their muscular tongues to clean their eyelids.

Madagassischer Taggecko
Verbreitungsgebiet: Madagassischer Taggecko
Verbreitungsgebiet: Madagassischer Taggecko
Wissenschaftl. Name Phelsuma madagascariensis
Ordnung Squamata
Familie Geckos
Größe bis 30 cm
Gewicht bis 50 g
Fortpflanzung bis zu 12x im Jahr 2 Eier, nach ca. 60 Tagen schlüpfen die selbstständigen Jungen
Verbreitung Madagascar
Lebensraum savannah forests
Nahrung Insects, Nectar
Bestand regionally endangered