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Guinea Pig

(engl: Domestic Guinea Pig)

Little Pigs?

The name Guinea Pig was given to the animals because they squeaked like pigs and were brought from South America across the sea to Europe. Despite their name, the small rodents are not actually related to pigs.


Guinea pigs are precocial, meaning they are born fully developed and able to walk a few hours after birth. As with all rodents, their teeth are constantly growing, which is why they always need something hard to nibble on. If their claws are too long, they must be cut, otherwise they can’t walk.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Meerschweinchen
Verbreitungsgebiet: Meerschweinchen
Scientific Surname Domestic Guinea Pig
Order Rodents
Family Guinea Pig
Size till 25 cm
Weight 700-1000 g
Reproduction gestation period 63-72 days, 1-5 subadult
Distribution South America , Southamerica
Habitat grass steppes with lots of bushes , prairie with many shrubs
Food Grasses, Herbs, Leaves , grasses, herbs, leaves
Livestock secured