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Tufted Duck

(engl: Tufted Duck)

Eye-catching headdress 

They are known for their distinctive feathers on the back of their head. It is more pronounced in males. The Tufted Duck is the most common duck species after mallards. As a diving duck, they prefer deep, flat water and usually forage for their food underwater. 

Always together 

These social birds breed in colonies. Their nests are located on the river's edge, well hidden and protected by vegetation. There they nest close to each other, in close proximity to the nests of other duck species. Outside of their breeding season, Tufted Ducks are often found in large flocks.

Reiherente, Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Reiherente, Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Verbreitungsgebiet: Reiherente
Verbreitungsgebiet: Reiherente
Scientific Surname Aythya fuligula
Order Geese Birds
Family Anatidae
Size 45 cm
Weight male: 700 g, female: 600 g
Reproduction breeding period: 25 days, 8-11 eggs
Distribution middle Europe , Nordasien bis Kamtschatka
Habitat waters
Food aquatic plant , Weichtiere
Livestock secured
Lifespan 10 Years