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Eastern White Pelican

(engl: Eastern White Pelican)

The jumbo jet of birds 

The enormous wingspan, the enormous size of the snout and the somewhat heavy start - the similarities between a pelican and a jumbo jet are striking! With a wingspan of more than three meters, they are the largest water bird. 

Show your feet! 

Unlike ducks, all four toes on their oared feet are webbed.

Rosapelikan, Foto: Christian Langhans
Verbreitungsgebiet: Rosa Pelikan
Verbreitungsgebiet: Rosa Pelikan
Wissenschaftl. Name Pelecanus onocrotalus
Ordnung Suliformes
Familie Pelecanus
Größe bis 180 cm
Gewicht bis 11 kg
Fortpflanzung 2 mal pro Jahr 2 Eier, Brutdauer 34 Tage
Verbreitung Southeast Europe, Africa, Asia Minor
Lebensraum waters, steppes lake
Nahrung Fish
Bestand endangered in europe