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Harbour Seal

(engl: Harbour Seal)

Like a fish out of water

Harbour Seals are related to Sea Lions. Their ears are hidden and only small ear holes can be seen on the side of their head. Due to their caterpillar-like movements, the animals seem rather awkward on land. In the water, they are nimble and extremely agile.


The perennial divers can stay underwater for up to 45 minutes and reach depths of up to 150 meters. They can do this because their blood contains unusually large amounts of hemoglobin, and thus, can store large amounts of oxygen.

Seehund, Foto: Tom Burger
Seehund, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Seehund
Verbreitungsgebiet: Seehund
Scientific Surname Phoca vitulina
Order Predators
Family Hundsrobben
Size male: 1,7 m, female: 1,5 m
Weight male: 120 kg, female: 90 kg
Reproduction gestation period: 11 month, copulation in the water, 1 subadult
Distribution Northern Hemisphere
Habitat sand coasts, waters
Food Fish, Crabs, Squids
Livestock regionally endangered


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