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Bobak marmot

(engl: Bobak marmot)

Bobak in burrows

The steppe marmot, also known as the bobak, lives in colonies of several families.  The individual family groups have their own territories and their own structures. This is padded with hay and its corridors can be up to 100 meters long. Individual chambers are even up to 4 meters deep.

On guard station

The ejection mound in front of the building, up to 1 meter high and 20 meters wide, serves as a lookout point. Individual animals take a stand here and warn their conspecifics with whistles in the event of danger. The steppe marmot was and is hunted by humans because of its fur and meat.

© Peter Dollinger, www.zootier-lexikon.org
© Peter Dollinger, www.zootier-lexikon.org
Scientific Surname Marmota bobak
Order Rodents
Family Sciuridae
Size 50 cm
Weight 4-9 kg
Reproduction gestation period 30-35 days, 4-5 subadults
Habitat grass steppes with lots of bushes
Food Herbs
Livestock not endangered
Lifespan 15 years