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(engl: Mallard)

Beautiful everyday

If this most famous duck species was not so common, that magnificent plumage of the mallard would probably receive much more attention. In both genders, their feathers change in late summer. From autumn, mallards "shine" in a new light.

Adaptation artist

Mallards can be found in a wide variety of habitats, feed on a variety of foods and are not shy with humans. These useful skills have no doubt contributed to their widespread populations.

Stockente, Foto: Tom Burger
Stockente, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Stockente
Verbreitungsgebiet: Stockente
Scientific Surname Anas platyrhynchos
Order Geese Birds
Family Anatidae
Size ca. 60 cm
Weight ♂ ca. 1200 g, ♀ ca. 900 g
Reproduction 9-13 Eier, Brutdauer ca. 27 Tage
Distribution Northern Hemisphere
Habitat waters
Food plants , tierische Kost
Livestock secured
Lifespan ca. 10 Jahre