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Vorwerk chicken

(engl: Vorwerk chicken)

Not for the yellow of the egg

Chickens are one of the oldest pets in the world. 2,000 years ago, they were kept in Asia. In the Middle Ages, domestic chickens were kept in Europe, not primarily for their meat or eggs, but for cockfighting. The pointed spur on the hind toe of the cock is a dangerous weapon.

Bell instead of mother

The chickens in the zoo are able to move freely during the day, in the Kinderzoo. They have learned to follow the ringing of a bell, which lures them into their protected stable in the evening. In the stable at nighttime, the animals are safe from wild foxes and martens.

Vorwerkhuhn, Foto: Thomas Hahn
Vorwerkhuhn, Foto: Thomas Hahn
Verbreitungsgebiet: Vorwerkhuhn
Verbreitungsgebiet: Vorwerkhuhn
Scientific Surname Gallus gallus f. domestica
Order Chicken birds
Family Phasianidae
Size 25 cm
Weight 1,8 till 2,2 kg
Reproduction breeding period: 21 days
Distribution originally from Southeast Asia distributed worldwide today
Habitat Meadow
Food grains, Worms, Insects
Livestock secured