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Walking leaf

(engl: Phylliidae)

Astonishing camouflage  

Through their leaf-like body, the Phylliidae look deceptively similar to a leaf. This camouflage is also called mimese (imitation) and helps protect the insects against predators. To make the resemblance more convincing, they mimic a leaf that moves in the wind by their swaying motions.

Male or female? 

Females look similar due to their body shape and their foliage-like overlapping wings, leaves which are even stronger than the males. They have short forewings and in contrast, fully developed hindwings, allowing the flightless females to fly short distances.

Wandelndes Blatt
Verbreitungsgebiet: Wandelndes Blatt
Verbreitungsgebiet: Wandelndes Blatt
Scientific Surname Phyllium giganteum
Order Phasmatodea
Family Phylliidae
Size male: 10 cm, female: smaller
Weight few grams
Reproduction Ability to Parthenogenese, 90-200 eggs
Distribution Neuguinea, South East Asia
Habitat tropical forests
Food Leaves
Livestock secured
Lifespan few month