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Walking leaf

(engl: Phylliidae)

Astonishing camouflage  

Through their leaf-like body, the Phylliidae look deceptively similar to a leaf. This camouflage is also called mimese (imitation) and helps protect the insects against predators. To make the resemblance more convincing, they mimic a leaf that moves in the wind by their swaying motions.

Male or female? 

Females look similar due to their body shape and their foliage-like overlapping wings, leaves which are even stronger than the males. They have short forewings and in contrast, fully developed hindwings, allowing the flightless females to fly short distances.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Wandelndes Blatt
Verbreitungsgebiet: Wandelndes Blatt
Scientific Surname Phyllium giganteum
Order Phasmatodea
Family Phylliidae
Size male: 10 cm, female: smaller
Weight few grams
Reproduction Ability to Parthenogenese, 90-200 eggs
Distribution Neuguinea, South East Asia
Habitat tropical forests
Food Leaves
Livestock secured
Lifespan few month