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Dwarf Mongoose

(engl: Common Dwarf Mongoose)

Strong gang

A family consists of 10-20 animals. They are led by a female, with a male at her side. The alpha pair makes all the decisions, including the daily routine. These animals are known for their strong social structure. For example, sick or frail family members are always looked after.

Upside down

To mark their territory, Dwarf Mongooses stand on their front legs and do a handstand. This is how they mark their scent on branches, for example.

Zwergmanguste, Foto: Tom Burger
Zwergmanguste, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Zwergmanguste
Verbreitungsgebiet: Zwergmanguste
Scientific Surname Helogale parvula
Order Predators
Family Herpestidae
Size 19-27 cm
Weight 200-400 g
Reproduction gestation period: 50-54 days, 3-6 subadults
Distribution East Africa, South Africa
Habitat dry areas
Food Insects, small vertebrates, snails, Eggs, Fruits
Livestock not endangered
Lifespan 10 Years