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Little Grebe

(engl: Little Grebe)

Get ready to dive

They are part of the grebes family. Their toes are widened by webbing. That's why grebes are agile and can move extremely fast in the water . The gifted divers usually forage for food underwater. In imminent danger, they attempt to escape by diving.

Eggs on board

On the water's edge, the Little Grebe builds a free-swimming nest out of plant material. This is reminiscent of a small raft and is usually anchored on riverbank vegetation. The gradually decomposing nest material turns the white eggs a brownish camouflage colour.

Zwergtaucher, Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Zwergtaucher, Foto: Helmut Mägdefrau
Verbreitungsgebiet: Zwergtaucher
Verbreitungsgebiet: Zwergtaucher
Scientific Surname Tachybaptus ruficollis
Order Podicipediformes
Family Podicipedidae
Size 25–29 cm
Weight 230 g
Reproduction breeding period: 20-25 days, 2-7 eggs
Distribution Europe, Africa, Asia
Habitat waters
Food aquatic plant , Wassertiere, kleine Fische
Livestock secured
Lifespan 10 Years