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Flocke's Fellow Polar Bears

Flocke is growing protected and well cared for in Nuremberg Zoo: her daily schedule consists of eating, sleeping and playing. Her fellow polar bears in the wild have a much harder life. Actually, polar bears are well adapted to their environment in the polar region. They don't even feel cold at minus 30 degrees centigrade, with their thick fur and the insulating layer of fat. Their paddle-like paws and their strong predator's teeth are ideal tools for hunting seals and other inhabitants of the Arctic.

Fight for Survival


In spite of all this, polar bears have to fight for survival. Melting ice, tourism and hunting, and oceans which are over-fished and polluted all rob them of the basis of their existence and of their nutrition. If humans do not change the way they treat nature, polar bears living in the wild will have died out by the end of the century.