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Wild visitors

The Tiergarten Nürnberg - a preserve for wild animals Who would qualify as a reviewer to approve of a landscape formed by man? Probably free wild animals! Large amounts and lots of species of those highly demanding and unbiased referees can be found at the Tiergarten - the best proof for a successful integration of artificial (outdoor) enclosures into the landscape of the Reichswald.

It is enough to stop for only ten minutes and to watch your surroundings to discover the manifold bird population. The woodpeckers are very easy to find. There characteristic nests are inside tree trunks. During breeding season, the parents fly in and out of them to feed their offspring in only short time-spans of mere minutes. There are 6 species of woodpeckers altogether that can be found at the Tiergarten. Especially the middle-spotted woodpecker, who keeps breeding in the Tiergarten and is extremely endangered, was born in mind when the decision of whether the Tiergarten was to become an EU bird sanctuary was made.

One would need a little bit more patience and luck to discover one of the two native species of treecreepers. The quick chaps run up and down the tree trunks in order to find insects and larvae. Counting squirrels as wild animals would almost turn the truth upside down. They are so used to humans and their environment that they will not even let themselves be interrupted by visitors when inspecting the waste bins for food.

Many native "reviewers" have decided to call the Tiergarten Nürnberg their home. Best proof for the fact that the world still is a better place at the Tiergarten. That is a nice compliment, isn't it?