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Andean Condor

(engl: Andean Condor)

Food shortage

As the largest flying bird, they have a wingspan of over three meters. They often fly long distances foraging for food. To save energy, they use the rising warm air on mountain slopes and cliffs.

Strange relationship

Although the new world vultures are reminiscent of vultures in terms of nutrition and appearance, they are actually similar to storks. Genetic examinations, anatomical features and behavior suggests that this bird should be classified as its own species.

Andenkondor, Foto: Thom Burger
Andenkondor, Foto: Thom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Andenkondor
Verbreitungsgebiet: Andenkondor
Scientific Surname Vultur gryphus
Order Cathartiformes
Family Cathartidae
Size male: 125 cm, female: 100 cm
Weight male: 125 cm, female: 100 cm
Reproduction breeding period 60 days, 1 egg
Distribution South America
Habitat high mountains
Food Carrion, Eggs, rarely attacks on living animals
Livestock endangered


Junger Andenkondor im Tiergarten

Im Tiergarten der Stadt Nürnberg ist nun ein am 30. April 2014 geschlüpfter Andenkondor zu sehen. Das junge Weibchen ist die dritte natürliche erfolgreiche Nachzucht eines per Hand aufgezogenen Elternpaares.

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