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Snowy Owl

(engl: Snowy Owl)

All in white? 

The predominantly diurnal Snowy Owl is perfectly adapted to its habitat. Their plumage effectively protects them against the cold, from their beak to their toes. To camouflage better when breeding, the females feathers are much thicker than that of the smaller male.

Good times and bad times 

The rearing success of the Snowy Owls depends directly on the quantity of their main food source, lemmings. During good "lemming years" more owls breed. Each individual pair can raise up to twelve offspring.

Schnee-Eule, Foto: Tom Burger
Schnee-Eule, Foto: Tom Burger
Verbreitungsgebiet: Schnee-Eule
Verbreitungsgebiet: Schnee-Eule
Scientific Surname Nyctea scandiaca
Order Owls
Family Owls
Size 60 cm
Weight male: 1,7 kg, female: 2,2 kg
Reproduction breeding period: 35 days, 3-5 eggs
Distribution Arctic, northern Hemisphere
Habitat tundra
Food lemmings, small mammals, Birds
Livestock secured