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Harpy Eagle

(engl: Harpy Eagle)

Hunters of the sky 

Strong talons, long claws and a strong beak make harpies one of the strongest birds of prey in the world. Despite their enormous size, they are extremely agile aviators. While hunting, a harpy can fly directly between treetops. They usually capture mammals living in trees mid-flight.

A feather is worth a thousand words 

In addition to their black striped "feather pants", the harpy is characterised by a tuft of feathers on the back of their head. Normally, these decorative feathers lay smooth on their neck. When agitated, however, they straighten up. Above all else, this is used to impress and threaten.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Harpyie
Verbreitungsgebiet: Harpyie
Wissenschaftl. Name Harpia harpyja
Ordnung Birds of prey
Familie Accipitridae
Größe bis 1 m
Gewicht ♂ bis 6,5 kg, ♀ bis 9,5 kg
Fortpflanzung 2 Eier, Brutdauer ca. 55 Tage
Verbreitung South America
Lebensraum jungle edges
Nahrung Monkeys, Coatis, Sloths, mitunter Haustiere
Bestand endangered